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Fighting Father Time After Fifty

Research confirms that regular exercise is the next best thing to taking a long soak in the fountain of youth. The problem is most adults over the age of fifty aren’t exercising. If this is you, or someone you love, here are three simple and effective ways to tip the scales in your fight against Father Time.

Start safely and slowly.

Whether you are brand new to exercise or making improvements to your current routine, begin to increase your workout routine with a green light from your health care provider especially if you have or could potentially have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or if you are severely overweight. To safely improve the effectiveness of your exercise routine, begin with an increase of ten minutes of cardio five to six days a week. Add five minutes a week until a 30-minute session is comfortably achieved.

Add strength to your body.

To really TKO Father Time, start a strength training routine before your mid-thirties. At this age, the average person begins to lose about half a pound of muscle each year. Weak muscles are prone to injury. Seniors should be strength training two days a week with dumbbells or in a Pilates or yoga class designed to build core strength.

Use the Buddy System.

We do best when we are encouraged and held accountable, especially when it comes to exercise. Make a commitment with two or three close friends to meet at a health club or at someone’s home that has the proper fitness equipment two to three times per week. Add a fourth day for a steam or laps in the pool as a reward. Develop a routine that includes cardio and weight training. Help each other stay on task with workouts and healthy living. It’s a good idea to have a group of at least three, so if one can’t make it you’re not left alone. Meet at the park or at the mall two or three times per week for a heart-pumping cardio walk or jog.

Stay motivated.

Choose exercises that suit you and your body. Consider hiring a personal trainer to get you started. Have him or her revisit your routine every six months to ensure you’re still performing exercises correctly and to jump start you routine. Choose workout buddies who encourage you and challenge you to stay fit. Remember that you may not all choose the same workout routine or Pilates classes, but you can still be accountability partners in the gym.

Bottom line:

We can purchase every anti-aging cream and notion that hits the shelf, but the real fight against Father Time begins on the inside with a healthy heart, bones, joints, and muscles. If we’re staying fit on the inside, our skin, teeth, hair, and attitude will reflect it on the outside.

All about Yoga

Sometimes it’s good to slow down in life, take a deep breath and relax. So why should your exercise routine be any different? If you’re already overworked from a busy day, your usual vigorous exercise routine probably isn’t going to help the situation.