Lose Weight By Avoiding These Processed Foods

Many foods are promoted by the food industry as healthy choices which may lead to weight loss. In most cases, this is absolutely not correct. These supposed healthy, natural, or fat free foods are manufactured and contain horribly unhealthy ingredients that will not help with weight loss. Here are some of the worst offenders.

Butters. Processed butter substitutes contain very unhealthy fats and chemicals that will thwart your efforts to lose weight. Do not believe claims about being natural or low fat. It just isn’t true. What is your best alternative? Organic butter. That is correct, real organic butter. It’s loaded with Omega-3′s and will assist with your weight loss. Remember that 1 tbsp. of butter does contain 100 calories, so measure your portions with care.

Salad Dressings. Store bought salad dressings are the worst. They are laden with unhealthy oils, sugar, and chemicals. Awful for weight loss. The best way to use salad dressings is to make them from scratch. It’s not actually hard to make salad dressings at home. Use organic cold-pressed olive oil, cider vinegar, and mustard for a great vinaigrette. Other healthy salad dressing ingredients are home made mayo and organic sour cream. These ingredients are good for you and will assist with weight loss, but take care with your portions. They are often high in calories.

Bread. Consuming anything with wheat flour will pack on the pounds quickly. Bread definitely is loaded with wheat flour. Whole wheat flour is a more acceptable choice than bleached flour, that’s right. But any consumption of wheat flour will hamper your weight loss efforts. As an alternative, try sprouted wheat bread. This bread does not contain any flour and will help with weight loss.

Cereals. The quantity of so-called healthy cereals on the market is absolutely overwhelming. Glance at the ingredients. They contain flours, sugars, sweetener substitutes (even worse), and chemicals we cannot even pronounce. These ingredients aren’t healthy in any fashion. The best cereal alternative is oatmeal. Oatmeal is very good for you and satisfying too.This definitely is not a comprehensive list of unhealthy processed foods. But if your objective is to lose weight and follow a healthy food guide, then avoiding these processed foods is a fantastic place to begin.

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