Get the Skinny on Wearing Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans: love ‘em or hate ‘em, chances are they’re not going anywhere for quite some time. Despite the name, skinny people aren’t the only ones wearing this fashion staple. Whether you agree with who sports them or not, taking the chance on this fashion choice is commendable. For those still unsure as to whether or not skinny jeans would work for them, there’s only one way to find out!

It’s no secret – skinny jeans aren’t easy to get into…literally. However, women (and men) of all shapes and sizes have taken the risk and squeezed into a pair. Individuals that have never touched this fashion trend before may be hesitant to jump onto the bandwagon but, as with anything, a bit of research could go a long way in the final decision. Below are just a few helpful pointers for people attempting to wear skinny jeans for the first time and – believe it or not – there’s more to it than just hoping you’ll be able to get them on.

First thing’s first: it’s helpful to know how you’re supposed to wear skinnies and what wardrobe to pair them with. In general, it’s best to choose a pair of dark colored skinnies if you’re trying to create the illusion of slimmer legs overall. Black is the default choice but there are also a slew of dark blue, denim shades to pick from as well. If you’re not worried about trying to appear slimmer, feel free to opt for a lighter color.

As far as how to put together the best ensemble with your skinnies, if you’ve got a pair that is a solid dark color, it’s good to create balance by wearing a blouse, tunic or other top in a print/pattern. Tops that come with layers or a draped style are also ideal for creating a sense of movement. Or you can completely dress down by wearing an oversized, comfy sweater, form fitting tank top or regular tee. That’s the great thing about skinny jeans – they look good with just about any wardrobe item, which is why it caters to so many different people’s fashion sense.

Just as with any other pair of jeans, you’ll want to keep some of the following factors in mind when shopping for skinny jeans according to your body type/shape. Perhaps the most common shopping challenge when it comes to skinnies is finding the ideal pair for a petite, shorter woman. Many skinnies are naturally long, which could result in unsightly rumpling at the ankles. The good news is that a little rumpling is okay – it’ll be easy to tell the difference between too much and just right. If you’ve come across a pair that are perfect but have too much rumpling, you can solve this issue by getting them hemmed.

Believe it or not, there are skinny jean styles that come with built in tummy control. Women with a bit of a stomach pooch should be on the lookout for a pair that comes up high on the waist and is made of stretchable fabric. Need a pair that won’t put too much focus on the junk in your trunk? Pay attention to where the back pockets rest after you’ve tried them on. The ideal positioning is in the area where your thighs and butt meet.

Women with large thighs will want to choose dark, solid colored skinnies that are not super fitted. To take emphasis away from your thighs, make sure to wear a longer top with a belt to create balance and put the focus on your waist/curves.