Dealing With Summer Hats & Hat Hair

We all know that hat hair can be embarrassing and it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female but in this particular case, the ladies have a little bit more to worry about, especially with the sun out in full effect. For those of you who practice good sun care by wearing protective clothing such as hats, kudos to you! However, the side effects of hat hair can tempt you to toss safety from the sun aside. Lucky for you, there are ways you can keep a hat on as well as still look presentable once it comes off.

When you put on a hat, be it a baseball cap or otherwise, we tend to suffer from what is commonly known as “hat hair.” This unsightly aftermath of wearing a hat too long can leave hair not only matted down and flat, but with an ugly dented impression from the hat’s brim. If you’re worried about you can fashionably wear a summer hat but still look good when you take it off after a few hours, the solution to this issue lies in knowing the right hairstyle to accompany your hat.

So how do you prep your hair for wearing a hat? The type of hat you plan on wearing will determine what hairstyle you should stick to. Plan on fun in the sun with a sporty baseball cap or similar style? Then you’ll want to stick to the classic ponytail. Wearing your hair down with a form-fitting baseball cap will only cause your hair to stick to the back of your neck.

A ponytail will keep you fresh and free from sticky hair, plus you can easily style your ponytail so that it comes out of the opening in the back (where you adjust the tightness of the cap). Or you can put your ponytail lower near the nape of your neck just underneath the baseball cap itself. Baseball caps tend to dent your hair around the back of your head, so to prevent such hat hair, bring along a butterfly clip and toss your hair up into a sexy bun or a messy one. To avoid mashed up bangs near your hairline, sweep your bangs up and brush them completely back before putting on your baseball cap.

Plan on wearing a floppy hat or bucket style hat? The same rule for sweeping them up and out of the way also applies to this situation. If you have longer bangs, you can simply tuck them behind your ear or pin them back with small clips while wearing your hat. With floppy hats and bucket style hats, you’ll want to wear your hair down naturally. Of course once you take your hat off, you may be stuck with matted down hair that appears flat and without volume, compared to the lower half of your hair, which was allowed to swing free of your hat.

What to do? Simply replace your hat with a wide, colorful headband or scarf. This hair accessory will take away the “flat” impression on the top of your head. To take care of the back of your head that may still be suffering from hat hair, spritz some voluminizing spray onto your palms and scrunch your hair with your fingertips. This will add some oomph to your hairstyle. Or for an easy way out, you can put your hair up into a ponytail or bun. The combination of updos and headbands or scarves is totally in this season so jump on the trendy bandwagon.