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7 Tips to Relieve Stress by Learning to Stop and Start

Every so often you must catch your breath, and then to recharge and reorder the ideas: discover the philosophy of the semaphore. Find out the tips and tricks from the experts to learn how to stop, cut time for you and combat the stress of a life on the run.

Stop thinking?

Stop and think. The Orientals know this: for them, meditation is a daily practice that improves the quality of life. Studies in hand, clearing your mind and concentrating on yourself help to control anger, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Have you ever considered the fact that the world does not collapse if a couple of times a week you scrap an hour to release the mind and emotions from the daily chatter?

Do this: To practice, you can join a yoga course or the mantra, a Buddhist practice that involves the repetition of sounds and words.

Turn off mobile phone?

On Sunday, you may take the phone away. And do not connect to the internet. Enjoy a free morning, the silence, lounging in bed or do some physical movement. Anytime is good to switch off from the world.

Do this: Just half an hour a day without hearing the beep message. It can be done in the morning, to avoid being swallowed up by the commitments after getting up. Or in the evening at dinner.

Start to cry?

Keep everything inside it hurts. It increases levels of stress and the likelihood of somatization, which unconsciously vents your frustrations physically. Learn to let off steam. All psychologists say, crying is a cure.

Do this: Cry, of course, when you need it. However it’s good to cry from watching a movie. People think of crying for the separation of the lovers or for the injustice suffered by the principal plaintiff, in fact there is sympathetic characters in the plot of the movie that make you get personal anxiety, it perhaps linked to an argument with your partner or a setback at work.

Stroll in the green?

Your life takes place only within the walls of your home, the office, and, occasionally, the gym? Evil. According to a recent study by the University of Illinois (USA), being in nature improves cognitive function and calms aggression, anxiety and sadness.

Do this: All cities have parks, and even if you do not like being in the midst of a mountain forest, you can start from here to recharge your batteries. Two steps are fine, in the morning before work and, if you can, in the weekend program, the classic trip outside the city. If you have a small garden or a balcony, it should be dedicated to the vegetable and flower growing. “Growing plants is a great anti stress. Humans flourish in the nature, by stimulating the five senses, can lower levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine, the stress hormones, while the pace set by the campaign distract from the anxiety.

Devotes attention to your partner?

If you come back home in the evening and you are so tired of realizing that there is no one wants to share a part of the day with you, there is something wrong. The biggest mistake you can make in your relationship is to presume the other person knows what you are thinking. A love story that is fresh or long course, it needs all your attention.

Do this: According to a survey of the Observatory women and quality of life, nearly three out of four American couples confess that they often use the sofa as a meeting place and intimacy. Respondents argue that at least one hour a day on the sofa in the company of your partner makes the relationship more stable. Try it yourself. The proximity of bodies, sharing a small space and the physical warmth are therapeutic for the couple’s relationship, says from psychologist.

Entertain with your friends?

If you’re too tired and cannot find time for a glass of wine with friends or chatting with colleagues after work, maybe you are doing abuse of your hours. Going out every so often is not a waste of time, but a way to keep your brain trained. A support is a study of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. According to Bryan D. James, who led the research, being around people decreases the risk of cognitive decline.

Do this: Organized plan an evening a week with people that you care about most that will not be a huge undertaking and will not interfere with the pace of work or with those of your family.

Make the holidays you deserve?

If you’re one of those who prefer to take an annual leave to stay at home, know that you make a big mistake. The holidays and long weekends are used to rebalance the mind and body: it may not be a luxury trip but it is a necessity that everyone should be able to grant.

Do this: One trick is to do more short vacations throughout the year, instead of one long one. Bring on the weekend at the spa, a trip to the city of art or skiing in the winter. And remember: the holiday is also a foretaste. According to a study of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, those who prepare to travel are already happy because they know that soon will go.