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The Wine Mud Body Treatment

What is your favorite wine? Perhaps a refreshing glass of chilled Chardonnay? Or maybe your tastes run more to the woody

Shiraz or the dryness of the merlot. Whatever wine you like to drink, you may be interested to find that vino has become a staple in many spas today – not as a beverage, but as a full body treatment in the form of a wrap.

There are many types of wrap treatments available in spas today, and the most common ingredients in these treatments have included seaweed, lotions, creams and a variety of types of mud and clay. These are not the same treatments as the wraps of the past, where the primary purpose was to promote weight loss. Today’s wraps have numerous benefits for the skin, and the wine mud body treatment is no exception.

Benefits of Wine

Recent studies have shown that there are properties found in wine, specifically in the red wines, that are good for our bodies. Some of those same features are the reason that wine on the body can be beneficial as well. The antioxidants that are found in the grapes can have a wonderful healing effect on the skin by countering the damage that free radicals found in our environment can cause. Some wraps will also use parts of the grape for exfoliating the skin to rid the body of the top layer of dead cells, leaving softer, smoother skin underneath.

This can be the perfect choice for those who are looking for a way to overcome sun damage, the aging process or to provide additional moisturizing treatment for dry skin. It can improve the elasticity of the skin and the overall skin tone. The treatment can even effectively fade brown spots that have been left as a result of sun exposure or aging. Then there are the aromatherapy benefits, as you bask in the earthy fragrances of the grape skins while your wrap does its work on your body.

A wine mud body wrap works in the same basic way as similar types of treatments. Once you have undressed, the mud mixture is applied to your skin and wrapped for about 20 minutes as you enjoy the warmth and relaxation of a steam table. You may have the option of a facial treatment from a spa technician as the mud wrap works, and the entire process is exceedingly relaxing and so indulgent and decadent.

At the end of your wrap, you will probably finish with a shower to cleanse all of the mud off, and you will be left with skin that is refreshed, radiant and silky smooth. Although this treatment is still fairly new, the popularity has led many spas to offer their own wine mud treatments. In fact, a trip to

Napa valley or other wine producing regions may often include a visit to a spa offering this treatment with grapes from the neighboring vineyards.

If you are looking for a new yummy treatment for your skin, a wine mud body wrap may be the perfect indulgence for you.