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Accentuate That Glow: Makeup for the Expecting Mom

With pregnancy comes a host of body changes: weight gain, morning sickness, breakouts and burst blood vessels. Your body chemistry seems to have gone haywire. Products that worked before are disastrous now. Your skin changes. Your color changes. But through it all there’s that glow.

Here are a few tips to help bring that glow to the forefront:

  • Choose a Gentle Cleanser

Try a glycerine-based cleanser – it won’t leave a residue and its mild formula will effectively clean your face without over-drying. Even if pregnancy has your oil glands working overtime, be careful not to wash your face more than twice a day. Use blotting tissues to help control oil and shine throughout the day.

  • Use a Sunblocking Moisturizer

Dry skin can be as big a problem as oily skin during your pregnancy – sometimes even at the same time. Choose an oil-free or non-greasy moisturizer that also includes a sunblock. Pregnancy can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun and increased hormone levels can trigger the production of extra pigment cells that can give you a blotchy look when exposed to the sun. For the most effective sun protection, look for products that contain avobenzone and titanium dioxide.

  • Foundation & Concealer: Less is More

If you have that glow already working for you, don’t cover it up with layers of foundation and powder. Try a tinted cheek stain to add to the healthy color mother nature is already giving you. If your pregnancy has given rise to unpredictable breakouts, your best bet is to carry a concealer stick with you.

One of the stubby pencil-like applicators is best for getting it right where you need it – whether it’s for covering blemishes or broken blood vessels from a bout of morning sickness. If you’re early in the first trimester and fighting morning sickness daily, try a sheer foundation with a hint of shimmer to perk you up for the rest of your day.

  • Eyes: Build on that Sparkle

Even when you’re run-down and tired from your day, pregnancy gives your eyes an added sparkle – whether you feel it or not (it’s those hormones working for you for a change). Build on your eyes – pick a shadow that makes them pop or use some shimmer (not too much – see tabloid pictures of pregnant Britney Spears for what NOT to do).

Use a lash-lengthening mascara on your upper lashes, but avoid both mascara and liner on your lower eye lids – they will only draw attention to those dark circles that showed up early in your pregnancy and just refuse to go away. Use a few dabs of your concealer starting closest to your nose and blend it outward with your fingertip.

  • Have Fun with your Lipwear and Nails

With your body going through so many changes, this is a great time (and excuse) to try some new shades of lipstick and liner. Again, be sure whatever product you choose has an SPF of 15 or more. And be prepared for your nails to grow faster during pregnancy – another effect of your boost in hormones.

The plus to this is you have more opportunities to try out some funky new shades of polish and gloss. With the list of products to avoid while being pregnant growing every day, your nails are one area where you’re still in control. Neither nail polish nor remover can be absorbed through the nail bed, so go ahead and experiment – you deserve it (you ARE pregnant after all).