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Faux Fragrance: Are Designer Look-Alike Fragrances A Good Value

You’ve seen them in the stores, or advertised in magazines. They will promise that they smell just as sweet as the originals. But are imitation fragrances really the good value that they say they are? The answer appears to be that it depends. Just like some original perfumes are better quality than others, faux fragrances can fall into the same discrepancy. And since perfume recipes are generally a well-kept secret in the fragrance industry, none of the imitation fragrances are going to smell identical to the original designer scents. However, if you shop around for a faux fragrance just like you shop for anything else, you may indeed find a perfume that you like at a price that you can afford.

One thing to watch out for as you are shopping for your fragrance is the difference between a replica or imitation fragrance, and one that is counterfeit. Counterfeit fragrances are those that are sold under the designer name, with no statement showing that it is not the true, original fragrance at all. Replica or imitation fragrances, on the other hand, will plainly state that they are “like” or “similar to” a specific designer perfume. Imitations are okay to find and purchase, but in the case of counterfeit fragrances, the rule is “Buyer beware!” There is no guarantee that these fragrances are of decent quality or even legal. You can do much to avoid unknowingly purchasing a counterfeit fragrance by only shopping at reputable perfume retailers.  Check this Dealing With Summer Hats & Hat Hair.

If you are on the hunt for affordable perfume but don’t like the idea of a cheap imitation, there are other ways to save money on your fragrance purchase. First, you can look for designer fragrances that have been discontinued. Often you can pick up yesterday’s hottest scent at bargain basement prices today. As long as you are not a fragrance diva who must have the latest and greatest perfume, this can be a great way to pick up a top quality fragrance at a much lower price. If you simply must have a bit of your favorite designer fragrance for those special occasions, you can find many favorite perfumes in smaller sizes as well. Go on the hunt for fragrance samples, which can last a long time if they are only used once in a blue moon. Or pick up a perfume mini the next time you visit your local fragrance counter.

There are also plenty of discount perfume retailers that will sell a variety of high-quality fragrances at discount prices. You can even search for clearance opportunities, such as after Christmas when retailers try to clear out their stocks to get ready for the spring lines. This can be a great time to pick up a deal or two on those fragrances that you simply cannot live without. The good fragrance does not have to cost an arm or a leg to enjoy. By selecting from imitation fragrances, as well as shopping carefully for the deals on other types of perfumes, you can smell delicious without breaking the bank.

Fashion Tips For 40 & Beyond

Getting older comes with its own set of challenges. For women, these challenges can be especially tough. Not only do most women in their 40s and older have to deal with anti-aging measures to keep their complexions youthful and radiant, they also have to deal with body issues and adjusting to a new wardrobe that is age appropriate. We all know the popular saying, “dress your age” but how do you go about it?

The most important thing to remember when it comes to fashion and age is to know yourself and be honest. Dressing your age doesn’t mean you have to be stuffy and conservative, but it also doesn’t mean that you should try to fit into the younger crowd, either. The good news is that designers all over the world are creating fashion pieces that are ideal for women in their 40s and beyond that still allow them to feel sexy and youthful.

It can take some time to find the right clothing items for your wardrobe, which is why you shouldn’t rush. Take your time while shopping and exhaust all stores in your area until you find the one that carries styles that you feel comfortable in. Stop shopping in stores frequented by your daughter or granddaughter – chances are those styles will not suit you and above all else, you’ll want to avoid dressing younger than your actual age. Instead, know what colors and styles look best on you as you are now – not when you were younger. What looked fabulous on you in your 20s and even 30s may no longer have that same effect now. Just knowing what colors flatter you can save you time during your shopping trips.

One way to get inspired is to look at celebrities within your age range. They are icons when it comes to aging gracefully, and you’ll see that many of them don’t hide behind large sweaters and long skirts. If you’re not sure you can pull off a short skirt or dress, play it safe at first by purchasing a longer skirt or dress and then have it hemmed higher to a length that you feel good about. This saves you time and money instead of buying a super short skirt that you later regret. Keeping solid colors in your closet is also another way to build up a great age-appropriate wardrobe. If you do plan on adding patterns, make sure they serve as accents to flatter your body. For example, horizontal stripes (and pinstripes) are ideal for creating the illusion of height and can also make the body appear slimmer.

Make sure you have clothes that you feel good wearing – instead of trying to squeeze into jeans that are many sizes too small, go for a comfortable fit that still flatters your figure. When it comes to tops, avoid wearing oversized, drab sweaters. Instead, opt for fashionable blouses and tops in fresh colors that hug your body and won’t lose its shape over time.

Even your shoes can help your wardrobe. Adding a little heel can make you feel sexy, graceful and finish the overall look of a great outfit. But don’t get too carried away with the height of the heel – you still want to be able to walk in them without pain.

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Dealing With Summer Hats & Hat Hair

We all know that hat hair can be embarrassing and it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female but in this particular case, the ladies have a little bit more to worry about, especially with the sun out in full effect. For those of you who practice good sun care by wearing protective clothing such as hats, kudos to you! However, the side effects of hat hair can tempt you to toss safety from the sun aside. Lucky for you, there are ways you can keep a hat on as well as still look presentable once it comes off.

When you put on a hat, be it a baseball cap or otherwise, we tend to suffer from what is commonly known as “hat hair.” This unsightly aftermath of wearing a hat too long can leave hair not only matted down and flat, but with an ugly dented impression from the hat’s brim. If you’re worried about you can fashionably wear a summer hat but still look good when you take it off after a few hours, the solution to this issue lies in knowing the right hairstyle to accompany your hat.

So how do you prep your hair for wearing a hat? The type of hat you plan on wearing will determine what hairstyle you should stick to. Plan on fun in the sun with a sporty baseball cap or similar style? Then you’ll want to stick to the classic ponytail. Wearing your hair down with a form-fitting baseball cap will only cause your hair to stick to the back of your neck.

A ponytail will keep you fresh and free from sticky hair, plus you can easily style your ponytail so that it comes out of the opening in the back (where you adjust the tightness of the cap). Or you can put your ponytail lower near the nape of your neck just underneath the baseball cap itself. Baseball caps tend to dent your hair around the back of your head, so to prevent such hat hair, bring along a butterfly clip and toss your hair up into a sexy bun or a messy one. To avoid mashed up bangs near your hairline, sweep your bangs up and brush them completely back before putting on your baseball cap.

Plan on wearing a floppy hat or bucket style hat? The same rule for sweeping them up and out of the way also applies to this situation. If you have longer bangs, you can simply tuck them behind your ear or pin them back with small clips while wearing your hat. With floppy hats and bucket style hats, you’ll want to wear your hair down naturally. Of course once you take your hat off, you may be stuck with matted down hair that appears flat and without volume, compared to the lower half of your hair, which was allowed to swing free of your hat.

What to do? Simply replace your hat with a wide, colorful headband or scarf. This hair accessory will take away the “flat” impression on the top of your head. To take care of the back of your head that may still be suffering from hat hair, spritz some voluminizing spray onto your palms and scrunch your hair with your fingertips. This will add some oomph to your hairstyle. Or for an easy way out, you can put your hair up into a ponytail or bun. The combination of updos and headbands or scarves is totally in this season so jump on the trendy bandwagon.

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Get the Skinny on Wearing Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans: love ‘em or hate ‘em, chances are they’re not going anywhere for quite some time. Despite the name, skinny people aren’t the only ones wearing this fashion staple. Whether you agree with who sports them or not, taking the chance on this fashion choice is commendable. For those still unsure as to whether or not skinny jeans would work for them, there’s only one way to find out!

It’s no secret – skinny jeans aren’t easy to get into…literally. However, women (and men) of all shapes and sizes have taken the risk and squeezed into a pair. Individuals that have never touched this fashion trend before may be hesitant to jump onto the bandwagon but, as with anything, a bit of research could go a long way in the final decision. Below are just a few helpful pointers for people attempting to wear skinny jeans for the first time and – believe it or not – there’s more to it than just hoping you’ll be able to get them on.

First thing’s first: it’s helpful to know how you’re supposed to wear skinnies and what wardrobe to pair them with. In general, it’s best to choose a pair of dark colored skinnies if you’re trying to create the illusion of slimmer legs overall. Black is the default choice but there are also a slew of dark blue, denim shades to pick from as well. If you’re not worried about trying to appear slimmer, feel free to opt for a lighter color.

As far as how to put together the best ensemble with your skinnies, if you’ve got a pair that is a solid dark color, it’s good to create balance by wearing a blouse, tunic or other top in a print/pattern. Tops that come with layers or a draped style are also ideal for creating a sense of movement. Or you can completely dress down by wearing an oversized, comfy sweater, form fitting tank top or regular tee. That’s the great thing about skinny jeans – they look good with just about any wardrobe item, which is why it caters to so many different people’s fashion sense.

Just as with any other pair of jeans, you’ll want to keep some of the following factors in mind when shopping for skinny jeans according to your body type/shape. Perhaps the most common shopping challenge when it comes to skinnies is finding the ideal pair for a petite, shorter woman. Many skinnies are naturally long, which could result in unsightly rumpling at the ankles. The good news is that a little rumpling is okay – it’ll be easy to tell the difference between too much and just right. If you’ve come across a pair that are perfect but have too much rumpling, you can solve this issue by getting them hemmed.

Believe it or not, there are skinny jean styles that come with built in tummy control. Women with a bit of a stomach pooch should be on the lookout for a pair that comes up high on the waist and is made of stretchable fabric. Need a pair that won’t put too much focus on the junk in your trunk? Pay attention to where the back pockets rest after you’ve tried them on. The ideal positioning is in the area where your thighs and butt meet.

Women with large thighs will want to choose dark, solid colored skinnies that are not super fitted. To take emphasis away from your thighs, make sure to wear a longer top with a belt to create balance and put the focus on your waist/curves.